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Connotation: Feminine, 2019


“Connotation: Feminine” is a video about covering the bed. The task of covering or making the bed reminds me a lot of my mother and other female family members like my grandmothers. I think that the responsibility of covering and making the bed is feminine connoted. Covering the bed is an educational act that is still given to the girls of a household. While it's important to my dad that the bed is made, I always have the image of my mother in my mind's eye when I hear the noises coming from covering the bed: zipping the zipper, knocking the pillow and shaking the blanket. To the generation of my grandparents, it is very essential to have a clean and made bed. It shows down to the most private rooms (although probably no one would ever enter the bedroom) that they are decent. I was told from an early age that the bed must be always clean and done in the morning. So I still do it that way. The video "connotation: feminine" is meant as a statement, but also as a symbol of culture, education, intimacy and as an icon for the most private place of every human being.